Saturday, August 7, 2010

Patterns n Props

Out on the streets with Leila and Sarah.
What we're wearing:
On Leila: Dress-Oysho, eyelashes-Inglot
On Sarah: Dress-Bershka
On me: Body suit, sweater and pumps-Zara, skirt-Ali
Before Sarah left us to go back to the US, we had some great times taking photographs together. The heat kept us from venturing to the exotic locations that we had hoped to venture to so instead we found some sweet street spots for our photoshoot. The vines provided the perfect backdrop, however taking photos on a small-town street had its disadvantages. Standing out, due to our dressy clothes on the little street, meant that we had a crowd of people watching us before long. Though It may sound glamorous to have onlookers, it certainly made the posing more challenging. We all had to gain a little confidence and expand our comfort zones to push through the discomfort of posing with so many onlookers. Ultimately we had fun amidst the heat and attention and went home to a cool house, yummy dinner, and cake.


  1. I continue to be amazed! You all did such a great job. Your blog is very professional!
    Best wishes, Jason

  2. I love the skirt in the first image, it suits you and your frame/height so well. Very well presented blog and scenes for photographs. x


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