Monday, September 20, 2010

Balloons and "Really long socks"

I spent the beginning of the afternoon alone at my house so I decided to take some pictures :). I went and bought some balloons and started blowing them up planning to try and take some pictures of myself. I was also really excited about getting my new American apparel thigh highs from the States and wanted to take some pictures in them.

It was too difficult for me to try and throw the balloons and timer the camera to capture the moment, so I had to wait until my sister got home.

When she got home she worked diligently and patiently and helped to capture these photos
while my other sister and her friends helped throw the balloons. I have such a sweet family.

While looking through the photographs afterwards I discovered 2 things:

1) My hair is actually kinda orange

2) I sorta look like napoleon dynamite lol :)
I know I've been super busy lately, how is everyone else'f life going? I hope that for whoever reads this that you have a great week! :D


  1. They look so cosy :)

  2. I am always amazed.
    I had misplaced your blog address.
    I am glad I found it again.
    Best wishes.
    Oh & no way to Napoleon D :)

  3. I love the first pic!
    AND OMG <3 SOOOO love the dynamite one!

  4. you're so adorable! i love this blog. :]
    your sense of fashion makes me rather envious.
    and you're cuter than napoleon.
    although it is quite amusing.
    so therree

  5. hey so i loooove the first one :)
    you are so beautiful my friend!
    loved taking pictures and talking with you today:)


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